Bible Sermons

This web page has links for bible sermons that may be used by all Christian ministers, although the focus is on Catholic Homilies.

Roman Catholic Homilies and Sermons This page is a collection of websites that offer homilies. Many of the websites are from individual priests who are  putting their homily on their website.  Page hosted by

Homilies Alive This  page is published by Msgr. Francis Friedl and Deacon Ed Macauley, co-authors of the book Homilies Alive. In addition to the homilies that we offer here, we will also at a later date publish excerpts from Homilies Alive in a "homily helps" page.

Online Homilies. Site is run by Rev.Daniel Meynan of Belgium, diocese of Namur. If you subscribe to his email he will send you a weekly homily. The site is also available in French

Munachi African Christian Homilies Page  Collection of Homilies that follow the liturgical year .

Preachers Exchange  Suggestions and ideas for the Homily offered by the Dominicans. Many books are offered here that may help with your homily.

bullet Bread of Life Community Homilies by Fr. David Poulson
bullet Dominican Shrine of St. Jude with RealAudio homilies by Fr. Concordia, O. P.
bullet Homily Service by Fr. Daniel Meynen
bullet Letture Omelia e Liturgia della Domenica -- weekly homilies in Italian
bullet Meeting Christ in the Liturgy -- weekly homilies by Fr. K. M. Cusick
bullet St. Patrick's Homilies (audio) (by various people)
bullet This Sunday's Message by Fr. George Griffin
bullet Sunday Homilies by Fr. Munachi Ezeogu

Christian Bible Sermon Links

Sermon Lectionary Resources By Rev.Richard Fairchild

Ten Minute Sermon - Christian Resources

Baptist Sermons in Real Audio

Reformed Sermons Reformed Sermons is an index and collection of Christian sermons and outlines, articles, meditations, and lectures, from contemporary Reformed pastors, many of whom are Baptists.