Catholic Apologetics

Here are some pointers to sites with sizable collections of  Catholic apologetics (which argue for the truth of various Catholic teachings) and explanations of these teachings.                                                                           

bulletScott Hahn biography and apologetics
bulletScott Hahn Home Page
bulletCatholic Answers (edited by Karl Keating)
bulletCatholic Apologetics on the Internet (courtesy Et Cum Spirituo Tuo)
bulletUna Fides: Apologetics for Catholics and Other Christians (at
bulletBiblical Evidence for Catholicism (by Dave Armstrong)
bulletScriptural Catholicism (by Steven Kellmeyer)
bulletCorunum Apologetic Web Site (emphasis on Patristic thought)
bullet You might also be interested in a page on forming Catholic Evidence Guilds (courtesy the Arizona CEG)
bullet Church Bulletin Run by Father Bill OSA. Catholic questions are answered and a chat board for catholics is included
bullet Catholic Messages USA/Link Directory -Mission Blessed by Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Stickler reveals spiritual state of Catholic Church in USA, and other Western nations.   
bullet Musings of a Catholic Convert - Baptist minister who converted to Catholicism.