Catholic Information Centers

  Catholic Information Centers are known for offering many types of services aside from links and news.

Catholic Forum Virtual catholic community with chat, news, links, bulletin boards, holy cards, and links to catholic schools, seminaries, churches and related organizations.

Catholic Online  Numerous links, youth section, email, website service, recently accepted into the Catholic Press Association.

Catholic Community Televison Network Audio and video clips of the Mass, links and commentaries.

e3mil Web site that offers integrated services to Catholics. Catholic news, world news, discussion forums, marketing, catholic radio, online personals. Privately owned yet working in conjunction with the clergy. 

Eternal Word Television Network Mother Angelica's Web Site. It contains news, mass cards, Question and Answer sessions, links, videos and much more.

CatholicNET - Web portal to news and information about Catholics through out the world. The portal has an international orientation.

Catholic Web Directory of Catholic Parishes that also offers information on the Church at large. Web space is offered for Catholic organizations.

Just Catholic Large directory of Catholic links along with information resources.

Catholic Net Catholic Hub that has numerous articles on the life of the Church. Run by Circle Media directors of the National Catholic Register.

Catholic Information Network  News, Web Boards, Links

Iglesia - Informacion sobre la Iglesia in Espanol.