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bulletSeraphic Mass Association -The Seraphic Mass Association provides financial assistance to missionaries throughout the developing world through donations and offerings for Enrollments and Mass intentions
bulletMass in Transit A web site that will help you locate the nearest Church if you are traveling. The site also offers free web hosting for parishes.
bulletCatholic Community Television Network Executive Director is Rev. John Giel. There is a weekly broadcast of the Catholic Mass plus other inspirational videos and audio sound tracks.
bulletSaint Ann's of Scranton, Pa. The site offers readings for the Mass, homilies, and the liturgical calendar
bulletArticle from Catholic Encyclopedia about the Mass 
bulletTheology Library 26 links related to the Mass. Many of them are documents explaining the nature of the Mass.
bulletLatin Mass   Promotes the Latin Mass.
bullet The General Instruction of the Roman Missal gives the official regulations and guidelines on how the Mass is to be celebrated. This edition is from 1975, and may not necessarily reflect the most recent rules.
bullet Reflections on Today's Readings (courtesy One Bread, One Body)
bullet  Here is a list of approved Tridentine masses worldwide, courtesy Fidelis, Inc.
bulletSome sites with commentary on liturgy:
bulletAdoremus: Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy
bulletCatholic Liturgical Library
bulletLatin Liturgy Association
bulletNotre Dame Centre for Pastoral Liturgy

The Divine Office (of the Roman Rite)


The Liturgy of the Hours, including today's (GMT) (at

bullet RealAudio of the Liturgy of the Hours from the Monks of Adoration