Informational Links about  the Historical Jesus

  The Roots of the Problem and the Person - John P.Meier


Historical Jesus Article -   Article by Dr. John Meier, Scholar at Catholic University.                        

History, Archeology and Jesus Dr. Paul L.Maier  Hard evidence supports the New Testament accounts of Jesus.

John P. Meier - Various books from John P. Meier.

Is Jesus Historical?  An inquiry by the Emmanuel Community a Catholic Association

U.S Catholic Article Do the gospels paint a clear picture of Jesus?  The editors interview Father Jerome Murphy-O'Connor, O.P.

Biblical Archeological Review - A review of latest archeological digs that shed light on the bible.

Into His Own Scholarly web site edited by Mahlon H. Smith of Rutgers University. The site contains articles about the surrounding political, social and cultural factors affecting the life of Jesus Christ.

 Jesus to Christ: Frontline A four hour documentary of Frontline that discusses the life of Christ and the early Christians in the light of new archeological evidence.

Search for the Historical Jesus - Past and Present Article which is part of a course from Santa Clara University.

Search for the Historical Jesus: A Catholic Perspective Also from Santa Clara University

Jewish Roman World of Jesus Articles by Dr.James D.Tabor. Many of the articles are a compilation of texts from Roman authors during the time of Jesus.

Ancient Jewish Sources   

Historical Articles and references to the person of Jesus University of Birmingham Theological Department

Links to Web sites regarding the Historical Jesus

Scholarly Discussion group about the Historical Jesus

Gerald Hall Homepage Professor at is the Head of the School of Theology at McAuley Campus, Brisbane, Australian Catholic University. His page contains a course on Christology that discusses the historical Jesus.