This web page contains links for Jesus Pictures and information about the life of Jesus (Christology)                                  


 Links that contain Jesus Pictures and Jesus Images

Images of Jesus Christ If you are looking for artistic images of Jesus Christ, this web site may be for you. It contains over 300 images of Christ as seen through the ages. Web Page by Greg Webb.

Sacred Pictures of the Face of Jesus Each picture is the representation of Jesus through art. There is an extensive explanation of the history behind the art piece.

3-D Art Gallery  Pictures of Jesus for Sale

Jesus Pictures Accompanied by inspirational music.

Jesus clip art - Black and white clipart of Jesus.  

Cross Daily Extensive collection of Christian clip art that includes pictures of Jesus.

These following links have more to do with Christology.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Jesus Christ Numerous articles defining the person of Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus The claims of Christ, his fulfillment of prophecy and relevance for you are discussed in this web site run by the campus Crusade for Christ. (Canada)

Life of Christ Web site that contains comparisons of the life of Christ in the gospels. The site contains lists of the parables, miracles and sermons given by Jesus, as well as a chronology of events in the life of Christ.

Gerald Hall Homepage Professor at is the Head of the School of Theology at McAuley Campus, Brisbane, Australian Catholic University. His page contains a course on Christology that discusses the historical Jesus.

EWTN Catholic about Jesus Christ Page that contains Catholic teaching on Jesus Christ.

Christ the King - Encyclical by Pope Pius xi on the nature of Christ as King. Qua Primas. December 1925

The Jesus of History and the Church's Jesus Article written by Donald Goergen O.P.

Bibliography on the Jesus - Christology William Harmless S.J Spring Hill College.

Early Historical Documents on Jesus New Advent Encyclopedia.

Jesus Christ according to Thomas Aquinas New Advent Encyclopedia.

Shroud of Turin Website - Latest news on the Shroud of Turin.