Links related to the Peace Movement


Conversation with Linus Pauling regarding Peace in the World. Mr. Pauling was a Nobel Laureate in 1963 for peace.

The NonViolent Web Website that contains articles pertaining to the peace movement. Started in 1995 as a way to help peace groups obtain a web presence.

PaxChristi USA Peace movement founded in the post World War II era that has spread through out the world.

Gandhi Institute for Non Violence Their objective is to promote and apply the principles of nonviolence locally, nationally, and globally, to prevent violence and resolve personal and public conflicts through research, education, and programming. Founded by Arun Ghandi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.

Peace Matters Journal promoting issues of peace.

Stop Violence StopViolence collects resources about non-repressive responses to a variety of violence, including school shootings, sexual assault, and hate crimes. The underlying belief of StopViolence is that punishment after a crime is not effective crime prevention; a safe and peaceful society requires justice, not overdoses of prison, chain gangs and executions. 

Fellowship of Reconciliation - interfaith peace organization founded in 1915 and now located in 40 countries.

CommonDreams - Hawks vs Doves - Article by Geovev Parish describing the awaking of the Peace movement in the wake of recent events.

Center for Conflict Resolution - A bibliography of books and articles that detail the history of the peace movement.

Peace Park Protest Movements - list of protests and peaceful demonstrations in the U.S.

World Peace Movement - Principles, Purpose and Meaning - as viewed by Sanderson Beck, Philosopher and Peace Activist.

Peace in the Family - Center for developing peace in the family. Run by John Reuter a professional Catholic Counselor.