This page contains links to John Paul II primarily but also refers to links of catholic popes.          



Pope John Paul II

A personal biography of Pope John Paul ii. Includes a history of the early years and photo gallery. The information is written by CNN.

A list of links related to the life of Pope John Paul ii.

This website commemorates the 1995 visit of JP ii to the U.S.A. Also contains some links on the history of the Popes.

The Liberalism of Pope John Paul ii by Rev. Richard Neuhaus.

Letters of Pope John Paul ii as maintained by the Vatican Website

Audiences of Pope John Paul ii as maintained by the Vatican Web Site

A Frontline discussion of the life of the Pope and his impact in the 20th century. Contains stories of his childhood, analysis of his papacy and relevant incidence during his tenure.

Catholic Hierarchy Website


Catholic Popes

The Vatican home page. Contains documents of the Church and official pronouncements from the Vatican. Look for all Papal encyclicals here.

List of Popes given by the Catholic Encyclopedia. Each Pope beginning with St.Peter is listed up to Pope John Paul II. Each pope has a detailed article written about him that takes into account his personal history and contributions to the church.

The Papacy and Infallibility. This is a collection of links that defend the papacy and explains its nature. Articles written by the Church Fathers, Lubac, Ratzinger and many others.

50 New Testament proofs for the primacy of Peter as the Pope and leader of the Roman Catholic Church. David Armstrong

Page promoting Beatification of John Paul I