Capital Punishment

Links on this web page are related to the pros and cons of Capital punishment, Catholic thought on the issue, capital punishment statistics and a review of the famous film Dead ManWalking. Check out books on Capital punishment at 

       The Death Penalty: An Historical and Theological Review...

Catholics Against Capital Punishment  A Catholic national advocacy organization working for the abolition of the death penalty in the U.S. There are many references to documents written by the U.S Bishops and Pope John Paul II.

Pope John Paul II on Capital Punishment Pope John Paul II writes on Capital Punishment in the encyclical Envangelium Vitae. In the document the Pope offers the rationale for a limited use of the death penalty in rare occasions.

U.S government Statistics on Capital Punishment U.S Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics.  The site contains statistics on the number executed each year, number on death row and the break down on race.

Death Penalty Information and Resources  The web site contains numerous links to death penalty sites, department of Justice statistics, and articles.

Cardinal Avery Dulles - Catholicism and Capital Punishment. Article describing the history behind the Death Penalty and current positions of the Church.

Catholic Encyclopedia Article on the Death Penalty

Death Penalty Information Center  This site contains a state by state breakdown of all the people who have been executed and who are on death row.

Pax Christi Pax Christi - a Catholic National Peace Movement -  offers its views about capital punishment.

Archbishop Martino's Address before the UN on the Death Penalty. November 2nd, 1999

Dead Man Walking Review from the the Syracuse New Review

      Capital Punishment in the United States: A Documentary of History.